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The first few days (or should i say week) was very borin in Island Hospital. They wouldn't let me do anything initially because all the things are quite serious and there should not be any errors in the results lah (meaning VERY SERIOUS WAN LO IF MAKE MISTAKE) so i go kacau a few ppl, sms them non-stop when i'm bored lah. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ENTERTAINED ME! XD if not, i don't know how i'm able to survive loh *shudders*

Well, my very cheeky cousin who normally hits me a lot (playfully lah) and of course, i hit him back. Hard. =P He suddenly send me a very *ahem* touching sms, so of course i have to put it here loh.

*Please ignore some wrong grammar, I would like to keep it as original as possible*

"When you have to wake up early to work when all others are sleeping soundly,
Be happy because somone already woke up (or haven't sleep TT) waiting to wish you a good morning. XP

When your work is bored, don't worry, someone will be eagerly waiting to chat wit you =P.

When your live get tough, don't be sad cuz there are 2 ears that always open willingly for you =)

But if you want money, you might not see me anywhere anymore. Wakakaka XD (kidding)

Wish to see you soon!"

anyway, i chose to post this up first because i lazy to think of things to write, this one copy paste only mah! hehe jk.

(i miss them both TT)

sounds cool right? lol. actually it's not a real job lah, student attachment with island hopsital. will be touching ppl's urine, stool, pus and a lot a lot of bacteria. so excited! (really?) lol.

today was my first day there. to be truthful, quite boring lah coz i only got to observe the pros doing their stuff and watch from 9am to 3pm.. thank God for smses if not i don't know how to survive those 5 hours with nothing to do (need to minus one hour for lunch).

well, hope i will benefit a lot and learn much more stuff during my 2 months of work. will be woking 6 days a week lah, sien. no more tiao ka at home, watching movies and playing badminton. sob. but one thing's for sure, i think i would slim down lo (coz only one hour of lunch).

i wish me all the best! =) and blessed 2009 to all of you!

i neeeeeeeeeeed to thank those who wished me (through blog esp. siao po who wrote super duper long and cheong hei-ly, sms, e-mail, card, frenster, facebook or snail mail) and gave me presents on my birthday. I wannnnt you to know that you are very very much appreciated! THANK YOU!
*imaginary big hugs and kisses*