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i really dislike politics.

and it is happening everywhere.

even in places you least expect.

i just don't understand why are we dwelling on such petty things.

when there are greater things to be done.

what is your priority?

your authority? your fame? your power? your ego?

wake up! whatever happened to accountability and integrity?

pacific tsunami happened an hour ago. so many lost souls.

what are we doing? THINK!

the clock is ticking.


" God's purpose for the church is to reach out to others, not to be happy and comfortable just by 'doing church' every Sunday." - Pastor Kenneth

happy birthday to both my siblings!

my sister's brithday falls on the 11th sept while my brother's birthday is on 13th sept.
so i chose 12th sept to post this up. fair fair ma. :P

thank God for blessing me with them! ;)
I love them.


World Changers' Academy just ended. Datuk Tony Tiah (Founder of TA Enterprise) and Datuk Edward Ong (Founder of Sutera Harbour Resorts) came to speak.
inspiring and really eye-opening.
These are really people of faith! *respect*
So rich yet so humble.

God answers prayers!
my cousin who was very skeptical about Christianity and debated with me a lot, said that God may have been showing him signs of His existence!
i'm so excited about what God can do. :)

"In order to be a World Changer, you must first be a God chaser."

"The main obstacle of getting success is staying in our own comfort zones."

"Hearing God's voice is not a gift, it needs practice and depends on intimacy."

"Human's wisdom is foolishness in God's eyes."

washed two cars in two hours! woohhoo! *semangat* with the help of cousin.

it was already dark when we finished.

please remind me to take picture of my car tmr morning before i go uni!

because.. i kiam siap wanan save 2 bucks everyday and park at the free muddy car park area.

so have to take pic to prove that i actually did wash my car loh!

some ppl complained my car looks dirty TT (save water, cannot wash too often too *ahem* *excuses*)

thanks for cousin who helped.

I told him, "don't cry when you see my car tmr" :P

he even scrubbed the tyres lol.


"Your ministry is not your life.
Your life is your ministry."

I like this pic!

few ppl reaallly thought that this was a phone advert.

wenhao wanted to apply to be my manager. anyone else interested can apply and pay a minimum fee of RM87654667890 :P

btw i did not POSE for this pic. it was taken when i REALLY had to pick up a phone call in the midst of the photo shoot. I did not PURPOSELY wear diff clothes. Borrowed my cousin my shirt d ler..

I like the white background! :)

I like the fact that I looked like i was trying to ss but in fact, I was not XD


thank you for the breakfast (abelkengchengwai) and sandwiches (ccfoo aka puffer fish) and for helping me finsih one of the sandwiches (tty aka siao po).

thanks for all who went to cf yesterday. thanks for 'bei min' to me :P


"When Faith comes in, Wisdom has to step down."

"God can use a teachable spirit better than our talents."