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Was on the way to the library when i saw amira near the field, bending down like she's trying to find something under the bushes. Wanted to help her. so i kaypo-edly went over and asked what she was up to. She told me she was looking for worms to feed a pitiful-looking baby bird she saw underneath a tree. It got separated from its mother.

In the end, she found a baby snail. She tried to make the baby bird eat it. But the baby thinks it doesn't look appetizing. Moreover, its beak can't really reach inside the shell. So, Amira wanted to scrape the meat out with a chopstick but I told her the chopstick is too fat to reach into the shell too.

She then decided to scrape the snail meat out with her bare fingers. She took out a black long stringy thing from the shell and kind heartedly fed it to the lil bird who should be very hungry by then. The bird took some parts of it. After a few seconds later, Amira looked at me and said she hope the thing on her hands wasn't the snail poo.

so cute-lah! :P

*very amused*

why do people try to keep something that willl fly away in the end?