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I'm very honoured, fortunate, happy and blessed to have PROFESSIONAL people *ahem* do drawings for me =) so sweeeeeet. hehehe. absolutely 100%, love it.
thanks bro for the great drawing. somemore coloured wan. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank him for being there for me when i am sad or unhappy. He would FORCE me to tell him what's wrong (just kidding =P ) and then always pray for me.
Although he's in singapore, he'll occasionally sms me to guan sim me. ESPECIALLY when i'm starving and he smsed to say that he is eating bak kut teh =.= lol
Anyway, will be waiting for you to come back although i would have a lot off assignment and not enough time to entertain you. hahhaa. pssskk.. help me do assignment can?
oh yea. you guys can go admire all his cute cute drawings at must promote promote =)
there... one new blog post. hehe.

LOL. nolah. not this hottie XD

I love him who wrote this =)

I missed his hugs and quite disgusting kisses TT

sunday was great. =)

morning had my supper at daiki. remember.
think dining. think daiki. hehe.

then slept till 10am went to acts church. service was fun with pastor kenneth chin preaching on home cells and all. nice music too. really.

after service, had lunch with wk, yh and d. lol. went to taipan and eat hawker food. d says,' can swallow'. haha.

reached sunway condo at about 2. did a lil bit of stats project. taking samples of ppl's reaction time. I AM chi dun =.=

4.45pm reached sunway MPH!!! mph= multi-purpose hall. lol. went with tyee, jacky and a few more friends. the conference started off with prayer and then FINALLY. vibrant praise and worship by PLANETSHAKERS <3 long time lk wat i did yesterday. hopping makes me happie =)

okay, someone interrupted me here. i think he's very regretful for not turning up. HAHA.

conference ended at about 7.30pm. real short. did not have enough fun. sigh. went to orange with ty, yx, wl, ft, ws, jy, zx and lm. playful a bit. ft and me mimiced someone coz she can't eat and keeps on laughing lk one kind. buti so thoughtful, didn't want her food become cold so i stopped. =P

jing ye wo bu xiang hui jia~~~~
i kaypo wanna visit ppl's room and try sleeping one night at hostel. long time didn't sleep 2 ppl on single bed. very comfortable. slept till alarm rung 3 times i also din feel tiok. hahha.

to one kind of person who is special and lks to laugh at ppl:

thx for taking me in *pitiful tone*. had fun with all the free entertainment in your room. music, singing by her wonderful and MOST interesting room mate. but most of all, your laughters that never stop =D

*hugs and kisses*

WARNING: Beloved people from penang, you all are not encourages to continue reading. The following contents may cause utter heart break. The author will not be held responsible for any possible sorrow, depression and regret (not taking my warning seriously) caused. read at own risk.

hmmmm... some of you may wonder... what could be better than owning an 'i heart revolution' cd? *pausing a few moments pretending to think hard, real hard*

i suggest. 'what about planetshakers live concert????' XD

here are the details.


MPH, Sunway University College

Sunday, 13th April 2008

5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

RM 100 RM200 RM300 RM 400 RM 500 (payable to MICHELLE TAN SZE-FAN)

or FREE =P


i just found out that some of my KL friends who are not christians listen to their music because they like it. that's soooo cool. already invited them there.

who wants to teman me? hehhe. *excited* =]

lol. i always do stupid things. every time, i don't think of the consequences before doing something. i just care about play. play. PLAY. i'm very sorry to those i disappoint. to God. and also for myself. lol.

today, i realized some things that were so near to me. yet so far. i've been blind, insensitive all these while. i'm thankful for an angel who stopped me from being someone who i don't wanna be. from being someone i hate. someone i don't recognise.

i vow to at least THINK before i do sth. growing up is a painful process. although it doesn't have to be. but for ppl lk me, all that was necessary. i love you JESUS. =) please don't make me hurt You again.