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this is actually not about tic-tac-toe. haha.

give name for fun only. it's my 3rd post in a row! woohoo~

just wanna boast that i baked carrot cake with my aunty on saturday. cousin said it's nice but i think ok only. *mental reminder: need to put cream cheese on top next time*

today i made kiamhutauhukiamchaicarrottomatochicken soup. not bad for a first timer. but that's because my aunty helped lah. haih.

enuf updates for now. haven't started any assignment at all. sei lor. ><

my friends are too generous. lol.

just went back there holiday also got gifts. haha. i am very blessed. amen!

thank you all! but no need to trouble yourselves next time yeah ;) you are much appreciated! i just need your time and presence in my life is enough. haha. but birthday time then different lahh i won't mind one. =P haha kidding.

souvenirS from brunei by CC. sorry, just left this one. my cousin already finished the other chocs. lol. thx for the aussie milo too. very strong milky taste. i like the very cute tin most. hehe.

thanks to thomson for this wonderful book. am using it for my devotion now. btw he has curtsy handwriting, quite nice and neat for a guy lah.
thx to yivern for the jay chou's piano scores =)

A bookmark and adorable magnetic dog from my cousin Shin Yih. you might think he's very sweet and all but is just ganti balas for all the times he hit me and bullied me physically, mentally, emotionally. =P hahhaa. nolah, he's a good cousin just that sometimes too playful and hands itchy. i became his toy or more accurately, medium at which he can express his feelings at. (okay, i know this sounds wrong..) Anyway, i also became clever! i threatened him with chocolates (his greatest weakest) and also bannd him from touching my keyboard if he bullies me more than 3 times a day. (see, i am not so heartless, still give some allowances lol).

i said i miss tze hui. happy d? =P

my 3 weeks in penang were fantastic!

i was happy to meet my family members! became sis' tuition teacher *aiseh* and also bro's babysitter when mum was away for the hokkien camp. <3

thanks to those who made an effort to come meet me, sacrificed their sleeping time, got scolded by their parents for going out too much, brought me out kai kai and fetched me everywhere.

this time round, went out the most with felicia and thomson. thomson who had to sleep very late every night (as he is working night shifts) and wake up early to teman us. felicia too made time for me though her exams were just round the corner. so touched so touched! :)

i attended room 77! :D

i went to the men's fellowship badminton tournament. XD

congrats to kyan for passing both ielts and imu exams. got a free japanese meal. =P

i got to meet the loh wey fats and the big one. play badminton also so siao. they play till very tired (due to too much laughters) and had to sleep in the courts (which has no air ventilation at all) in the end. =.= yes, they are a crazy bunch of girls.

i went to yi wei's house and overnight. she can play better piano than me now ><>

yivern got dengue and went to visit her 2 times in the hospital as she was sleeping the first time we went visit. she was totally unaware of it. wanted to surprise her... went to queensbay and watched ice age 3 instead. very enjoyable, much better than the 1st and 2nd movie. oh ya, we brought her honey stars and yoghurt and got paper and pen from the nurses. left her a note and signed our names as 'santa clauses'. fun fun~ :P

i met miss lai when i was having family dinner in harvest in restaurant, celebrating parents' wedding anniversary. she kinda scolded me for not telling her. *aww..* shows that she still misses me. XD arranged to meet on friday but then her son was sick so have to meet her next round.

went for dim sum at balihai with church people. they were late as usual =P except for adrian and shir hoay. but considered quite good d. can reach at 8.45am. haha. i ate a lot :/ vivi cheh made me :( haha.

haih. tak jadi by starbucks bottle in penang. too lil choices lah. need to wait for summer edition.
just wish both my friends, wei kwong and colin, all the best in the land of the koalas :D take care there! come back more often lah.

there are still some people i didn't get to meet this time, hope i get to meet them next time round lah. don't ppk again ok! lol.

felt this holiday quite meaningful. got to know a few people better, became closer with them especially my cousin win nie, ee joo and thomson.

yivern came to my house and sent me off before i took bus back to KL ALONE. lol. got to play with her cute dog Theodore, first time got so near to a dog and carressed its fur. luckily it doesn't like to lick much.

some of my uni friends also came to visit penang. didn't manage to spend much time with them as transportation was a problem but still, got to bring them to mizzi for dinner. got to know some of them better although we had been in the same classes for more than a year =P nice bunch of people.

PS: sorry if i missed out anything. tell me okay? =)