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the trip was unplanned. totally. lol.

in the morning, i went for breakfast with my cousin at a noodles restaurant nearby. then we talked talked and talked. until a tow truck stopped right in front of our car we also didn't notice. we were sitting outside and yet we didn't realize. =.= next time cannot talk too much and must be more aware if we double park our car.

by the time we came to realization (which is after paying for our food) we saw that some MPSJ guys fastening some lock onto the car wheels behind their tow truck. we were shocked as this was ONLY the first time for both of us. haha. (one time enough also lah, wallet bleeding d lol)
the guy asked us to sit on the car and follow their truck all the way to puchong to pay for the fine.

i was kinda worried, sad and guilty at the same time. as it was me who talked so much until we became oblivious to our surroundings. anyway, my cousin just comforted me and said that what has happened has happened. just enjoy the process as we are going to pay so much for the experience. haha. 

therefore, a lil camwhoring resulted. =P

we looked at the sun in a whole different angle *exaggerating* XD but it was pretty and kinda amazing view. like how the sun broke through the thick patches of dark clouds. how everything down here looks so bright, we don't even notice the dark clouds. (please ignore my crapping, just pretending to be artistic =P)

yayy. long time since i camwhored XD

my happy-go-lucky favourite cousin! =) i enjoy sticking around with him.


lied down so nobody can see me from outside. kinda embarassing. hahhaa.

reclaiming the car in puchong.

had a fun and exciting time. experiences like this doesn't come cheap ya know *winks*

there's something to add. my cousin told me that his brother also got his car towed before. it was days before he knew that his car was held captive by the MPSJ. too bad he didn't get to enjoy the ride like we did and had to go worrying about the whereabouts of his car for days. haha!
and even funnier is the car was towed from in front of INTI to just like 2 buildings away. LOL. and he had to pay RM150. LOLOL. boh tatt. hahaa.  okay. i am evil =P

woohoo! i watched "fireproof" till about 2am this morning. hahha. coz i was not bothered with my genetics report (too lazy to change anything and do much more work) neither did i have to do sci. don't kill me please =P

surprisingly, i overslept =.= normally i do work whole night slept 3 hours also will not oversleep. sweat. somemore, i slept three times yesterday, had my afternoon nap and a nap at night before watching the movie. LOL. terrible ><

she is trapped in a fire. she's caught in the middle. too many valuable and precious things that she holds dear in that little hut. she has a difficult choice to make. now, she doesn't care if she gets scorched trying to save them. she will try salvaging the little pieces. even if it means her death. her death to her self

unforgiveness is like poison. it posions your soul and your mind. it clouds your thinking. and make you do unreasonable things. 

therefore, i too, must forgive. =)

yes, this week will be super crazy and hectic.

there is a microbiology test on tuesday which i have just started studying for.

and microbiology lab report which i have not started on due on wednesday.

and another biochemistry assignment which i have no idea of what it is all about.

God bless me.

well, i know that by the end of friday, i will just heave a huge sigh of relief and say, "it's just like any other weeks." =)

i pray for peace. and joy. and guidance. and wisdom. and divine intervention (for my aunt too).


there is someone whom i am very grateful to, but at the same time feel very apologetic to her.

sorry i made you buy the chicken and kept it so long in the freezer and forced you to bring it back to KL. i am deeply sorry. sorry for being so dense. haha.

anyway, jiayou to you too! we can make it through this week, just like any other weeks. haha. maybe we'll come out like zombies but nevermind =P

okay. i officially owe you a java chip. bring you to starbucks next time okayy. and mcD ice cream also. hahhaa. (sun bian help another person pay his debts XD)

Tan Tee Yee, thanks for everything, including your patience. =) *muax*


There is also a someone else who is sad, blur and lost these days, although i don't know what it is about, but i sincerely hope she'll be up and about soon. take care ya. =)

Last but not least, i hope bea will do well in her exams this term as she worked REALLY hard for it. lol. she amazes me with her determination and hard work. all the best dear. =)


i surrender ALL to Him. =) yes, i notice this (=)) is everywhere LOL