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10th to 11th July 2008

Went to singapore with cousins. was supposed to go on the 9th but due to my carelessness and ignorance, we had to postphone it to the next day. I forgot to bring my passport, had to rush to penang to get it myself and took bus home alone. I'm sorry that they had to go one day later because of me but they don't seem to mind because they said it won't be so fun without me. how sweet =)

pointing at my cousin's apartment where we stayed for 2 days.

having Japanese buffet dinner at Miramar Hotel *smacks lips* cousin's treat =)

us at the science centre playing dead XD take 1

take 2

take 3

in snow city

hands were very cold so i put the tube on my head and my hands in my warm pockets hehhh

before moving on to other pics, i regret not taking video of my cousin sitting on two floats while sliding down the cold ground. he used two because he said his butt very big, touch the ground and very cold. so he took two and stacked them on each other so his butt won' touch the ground. clever? i don't think so. as he slided down, his floats were unstable and came out. in the end, his butt becme wet and cold, worse than before. and i laughed. hahahahahahhahaaahahaha XD

me watching the pink dolphins

cousins waiting for the songs of the sea to start. notice shanq yeet's piggy lips lol

showing off the luge ride stamp

ate 2 oreo mcflurry's after sentosa. playing too much makes me hungry =P

we look lansi lol

i took this pic at mrt station, quite yeng i thinks

me trying handbag. so sad i did not mange to get one before we left due to rushing here and there. *sighs* smell my shoes! at vivo city

underwater world

it was a very rushing but quite fulfilling trip. we all had fun =D

we played monopoly on the last night till 4am in the morning when one of my cousins bankrupt. haha. board games can be entertaining too!

hope we get to do this again next time.

anyway, wait for updates on rawang trip =)

15 weird things / habits / little known facts about myself:

1. looked very ugly when i was young due to cocked eyes and pink, thick-rimmed, nerdy specs
2. wants to burn my 5 to 12 photos lol
3. had curly and unruly hair in primary school because i used body shampoo instead of hair shampoo
4. a lil tomboy-ish. SELDOM wear skirts or dresses except for church and functions
5. hyperactive, as in very outdoor peson and likes to play a lot
6. loves playing badminton and pool X)
7. likes staring into blank space, not thinking or feeling anything
8. actually likes hugging ppl but don't do that often (paiseh ma)
9. laughs for no reason when doing revisions during exam period
10. doesn't know how to use the pick to dig my ear
11. once ate 10 ice creams in a row
12. loves singing, sometimes in the shower
13. sometimes listens to music even when showering
14. scared of being in contact with animals
15. wants to learn how to climb trees

kept my promise and did the tag even before doing my assignment. touched? =P

  1. always study before quizzes or computer tests
  2. do not do last minute work for lab reports and essays, finish them AT LEAST 1 day before due date ( i hope =/ )
  3. no fishing, pay FULL attention in class and make own notes
  4. continue exercising at least once every week (badminton)
  5. sleep for at least 6 hours a day
  6. get more involved in uni activities
  7. appear more friendly and make ppl less afraid of me ><
  8. pray and study Bible more, get into closer relationship with God
  9. join more church activities and get to know more church members
  10. be more matured in my thinking and learn to think about others more

well, that's all i can think of now. anyone, please tell me if i ever forget about what i promised to improve on and i give you permission to hit me (girls only lol) * i know of a few ppl who just love to do that TT *

PS: i referred to 4C's and Shane's blog because i never really did any resolutions before lol.

PSS: praise God for results that came out to be much better than i've expected. thought i would fail management. all glory to Him =) and thanks to those who have upheld me in prayer and those that encouraged me all the way when i had no mood to study. i truly appreciate all of you guys. *hugs* =D

for the last week, bea has been staying at my house. although had to wake up early fetch her to and from work sometimes when her mum couldn't fetch, but i have no complaints. she even chia me one meal at wongkok qb. XD

me and leng lui lol

we made orange juice together for the whole family. pity nicky didn't get to drink coz he was sick haha ( i get to drink his share lol). before we slept, we chatted and bea showed me how to tie my hair in many diff ways but i can't say i remember any ><

chopstick hairstyle

last thursday winnie aka yi wei came to stay too. (someone doesn't know winnie is yi wei lol). three of us went qb and camwhore a lot. me kena paksa =/ haiz so not me. but don't wanna make them sad so i had to join in too =P three of us managed to squeeze togeher on the queen size bed because we are not fat (i hope). i wanted to bring in another matress to sleep on the floor but they say cramp together more fun.

me kena bully as always TT

4 of us including my cute bro. we used winnie's hp and set timer. canggih.

last night two of us went to winnie's house to overnight again. me and bea had a lil pillow fight. both of us very cheeky, keep on peli-ing each other. then, suddenly bea's fren sent her a video clip which i saw before and didn't want to see it again. the video clip where an old lady suddenly appears in the lift after two guys left. but i was so nice, i warned them about it. bea freaked out even as she heard me describe it and refused to watch it while yi wei went ahead and gave a deafening scream towards the end. HAHA! serves her right. i gave warning already cannot blame me yeah =P

before i forget, winnie just straightened her hair. i think she looks nicer d. and she tried to straighten a few locks of my hair to encourage me to do rebonding too. i might consider, that is if i have the money =/

bea and winnie suddenly took out barbie dolls and played while i just stared at them disbelievingly and managed to capture a few pics without their knowledge ( they were too busy dressing and undressing the girls ) *winks*


three of us (THEN) : yours truly, bea, winnie

three of us (NOW)

anyway, we're happy together =D