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received two snail mails on yesterday alone! =) so happy lahh.

seldom got ppl send letters the traditionally (and more meaningful, uh sim way)


she made me jealous of postman because she write at the back 'thanks mr or mrs or miss postman (woman)! have a nice day!' is much much longer than the 'happy new year 2009' she wrote for me inside. oh well but it's from other country wor. counted got heart lah! =) thanks girl!

the front part so cute lah!

it's very pretty considering it's made by two guys! LOL

this other card is totally unexpected. my cousins from kl first time write letter leh!!! woots! i'm so lucky lahh somemore it's homemade, they cut and paste everything so nice lahh. hehe. thanks boys! =) i'll be waiting for my PRO badminton racquet!!

PS: it took me more than half an hour to upload these three pics =.=

no, i did not put the wrong title for this post and please don't feel cheated LOL

yes, i love you so i want you to come for a christmas drama in dewan sri penang. you can read the details for yourself in the above picture =) do come! you'll enjoy it! contact me if you interested to come! (see the words 'free admission'? XD) zenxern i'm not selling tickets ok lol
i love my family.
I love my daddy.
I love my mummy.
I love my sister.
I love my brother. =)
random but i feel the need to put it down lol.

Pictures as promised lol. all are unphotoshopped and original taken by yours truly. I put this up to prove someone wrong XD

I saw it. You have no idea how much it hurts. DON'T ASK ME WHAT IT IS. It is like plunging a blunt knife into my heart, trying to stab it in over and over again to make sure it goes through the cardiac muscle, passing all my connective tissues into the cold cruel air. lol. I will get it right. I need your grace God. and to someone, I'm sorry I failed terribly and may have hurt you many times. I'm not trying to defend myself here but please feel me. please look at the matter from my perspective. sorry i have aways misunderstood you. I was stupid and ignorant to think from the responses you always give me, you've always did not give a damn about me and did not want me to draw close or even care about you. Lord, I need wisdom and strength.