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this sunday was a memorable day. so many things happened in one hot, sunny day. lol. bad day for beaching. haha. but enjoyed the limited time i had with my few friends, such as (by alphabetical order.. I'm very fair): Aaron, Felicia, Gladys, Melissa, Melvin, Renee, Rize, Wei Kwong, Wei Wen.

After the 286 service, we split up. Most of us went metrojaya to buy some stuff for the bbq and wei wen went to change her clothes to more proper beach attire. Poor WK had to wait in the car while we did our stuff. He didn't wanna waste money on the parking mah. haha. Then, aaron and melvin dunno hilang go where but they were very happy. =.= we then decided to go to miami beach first, without waiting for the two guys. (thx God we didn't wait for them, if not, we would have wasted our 2 hours) guysss... haizzz..

We reached the place and discovered it was bursting with activity. many ppl playing the water sports and uh... much to gladys' dismay, there were many horses around which pee-ed in public with no shame, very near to the place we were sitting at and very near to where we placed our food. >< after it has finished doing its business, the caretaker just covered the urea liquids with sand. swt. and i am still wondering what is the use of doing that. cheem.. since those two tai sai guys didn't come yet, so we couldn't start eating yet though we were starving. *sigh* that's why the ppl were very unhappy with me and buried me in the sand. aiks. although i was covered with sand which has 99.99997% probability been in contact with horse's urine and who-noes-wat-else, strangely, it was very comfortable lying underground. haha. very cold and relaxing. go try it for urself ler.

not ready for cam yet..

nice one =)

junk food really looks like junk here.

oh yea, forgot to mention that renee went to dip herself in the water and got 'electrocuted' by a jellyfish. Her arm was red and swollen. we panicked, but the ppl there applied some coke and after awhile, she got better. that's a relief. i was touched that she was so brave and tried to enjoy herself although i can see that it was very painful, she did not moan or ath. *sniff* how thoughtful of her =) besides, she brought her husband (guitar lah) to the beach and dedicated a song titled 'true friends' by miley cyrus to me!!! hahhahaa. that time wanted to cry but couldn't. maybe because of the sea wind's salt content or sea breeze evaporated the tears from my eyes. =p

at about 5.30pm, we all daytona-ed back to mel's place. all girls had to bathe in the bathroom near the swimming pool while the ho mia guys (mel and aaron AGAIN) get to bathe in his house with hot water somemore. treat girls lidat lah u two.. T.T

reached golden bay the bbq steamboat buffet place at 7pm. many were already there waiting for us to come so they get to eat. haha. made kon way pray a short prayer for the meal (the only chance i get to order him to do sth. heh. he tai kor ma. XP) halfway thru the dinner, it started to drizzle. so, gladys volunteered herself to accompany me to my car and take umbrella. (at nite, one girl alone not safe ma.) so helpful of her. haha. but manatau, halfway, after we took the umbrella, she suddenly asked if i locked my car. i wasn't sure, so she said i better go back and check lor. (yeap, told ya all about my blurness) after we made sure, on our way back again, she was holding the umbrella and suddenly, the umbrella overturned into a cup shape (gladys' description). we were both so amused and embarrassed at the same time (guess what, there were a bunch of indon maids who saw what happened and laughing their heads of) first time got laughed at by indon maids. hahha. luckily, we managed to fix it back. haiz.. shell disappointed us, gave us like this one umbrella. lol.

too busy eating to notice the cameraman

there's sth i wanna clarify. the cake was bought by uncle weng seong and auntie cathy and lisa ler. u all dun simply peli d loh =.= especially that joo tatt. zzzzz. always wan. haiz...

was figuring out how to cut the cake

anyway, i wanna specially thank those who went for the bbq dinner. and sorry i made you all fat-ter. =P

Girls (alphabetical order again): Denise, Felicia, Gladys, Kwan Ann, Melissa, Rachel, Renee, Rize, Stephanie
Guys: Adrian, Anthony, Ben Tan, Benjy, Bu-Ken, Edward, Ivan Yeoh, Joo Tatt, Kon Way, Melvin(organizer), Victor

and those who have not paid up, pls faster return mel his money if not we will see another depressing post on HAHA.

this is a super long post. wanna say thx thx thx thx (unending thx-es) to all of you sweet ppl =)

PS: those who took pics on that nite pls send me some ok? thx ^^

lalalalala~~ today, my mum asked me to help her bake almond cookies to give to our relatives when we go down KL to visit them..

so damn tiring.. 3 hours' work and somemore no extra pocket money.. *sigh* thx God chinese new year's around the corner.. NEED to reload my phone and wallet d. ><

anyway, i am happy coz i've got happy. lol. thx to my sweet bro =)

not enough boxes, so we used ferrero rocher choc box too..

satisfaction guaranteed. hehh..

hope the cookies are delicious enough, so that i can bribe my cousins into taking better care of me. XP

miyafmrsioernrdy, sioarmrsyofrorryiaalmlsmoyrirryrieasmpsoonrsriybilaemascotriroynisapmlseoarsreyfioarmgsiovrermye.

i spent 10 minutes typing the 'rubbish' above. i may not make sense to most of you, but it will make sense to those i should make sense to and those who have too much time on their hands to decipher the blabbering above. good luck. haha.

any hint? i'm sorry. no, i mean it.

i slept early at 2am this morning but woke up late at about 10am. got scolded till i finally wake up. didn't take breakfast as it's almost lunch time. brought sis to take pics for her school use. came back, mum taught me how to cook 'pork bone tea' (sounds delicious? lol), which is really easy cause there are instructions behind the packet for the 'tea'.
next, i went to wash our small fish pond, which is a LOT of work. actually, my mum see the fish pond so dirty til can't even see the goldfishies and one small tortoise inside. so, she bei tahan d, then forced me to do it. *sigh*
really yucky, had to wash the fishies' shit and all. gross.

The end result of much hardwork and perseverance --------->

clean and clear water for the fishies. lucky creatures they are...

after doing that tiring chore, mum wanted to bake almond cookies. so, i had to cut the almonds into small bits. i wasted 2 hours trying not to chop off my fingers. thank God, all 10 are still intact. hehh ;)

hmmm.. u might ask.. was it worth all the trouble? I would say yes. why am i doing all these?.. cause i'm a selfish person who wants my family to regret sending me to KL and i want them to feel sad for not having me around and i wanna make them miss me more..... haha.


unrelated part:

last night a bit sot sot dei, suddenly wanna give my rusty metal bible a makeover..



i painted it blue green. kinda regret choosing that colour. lol. but now, i have one unique bible. =) next time i might spray it black or what.. hmm..

I got my SAM results about a month ago. I photostated them and sent the copies to Monash University through Aus-Ed to apply for the courses offered in that well-established centre of education.

guess what.. i just received a call from Aus-Ed this afternoon... they say got something wrong with my results from SSABSA... asked me to faster check.... ><

okay.. let's do this together.. (I know it's lame.. lol).




there's my certificate...

look closer....

and EVEN closer... (that's what i SHOULD have done when i first obtained my results slip... =.=)

hmm.. for those who still don't know what's wrong.... might not know me well enough or some are just plain boh sim XP....
IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPELT 'MICHELLE'......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... T.T
and now, because of that one straight line. that one small 'l'. i have to do college and ask them help me correct my cert again. they'll have to send it to Australia for corrections... while Monash is hurrying me to resubmit my results..... haizz... why am i so blur??? so troublesome... (sure is that someone who always looks steam influenced me one... XP)

today, i had the honour *ahem* of teaching 2 cute guys chinese language. actually is sap sap sui lah, both now standard one only. hehe. BUT.. a bit hard to control. talk non-stop wan both of them. =.=

allow me to introduce to you...

joel ban (left), esther's bro and my bro(right), nicky boy, enjoying their western lunches before going to school.

hmmmm.. overall, it was not bad. not bad at all, got ppl call me 'teacher michelle' instead of 'auntie michelle', i very glad d.
and at least i did something beneficial instead of just rotting on my potato-couched bum. ><..

there were two highlights that happened yesterday.

one. last nite spent about 10 dollars trying to organise an outing with some of my frens. initially, all went well and all can go. suddenly, one after another PPKed me. T.T ( i dun care, must chia me ice cream d) well, 80% of them could not go. lol =.= but, in the end, managed to find some people who could find time and accompany me go Penang Hill. hehe. (it's been ages since i went up there, the last time i was there was ISCA camp, almost 5 years ago. aiks)

the weather up there is so cooling and refreshing. it drizzles once in a while, which was kinda nice too. hehe. i love walking in the drizzle, but not singing in the rain. =P the view there was nice. but the food was.. ugh >< (maybe we went to the wrong ais kacang stall). overall, it was fun although few ppl went. =)

two. i discovered an intruder in my bathroom. cold-blooded, slimy stalker. staring at me with black, evil eyes. it was on the ceiling above me, prying. suddenly, it dropped down. knowing it has to escape from a human more than hundred times its size, it scurried away quickly, but direction-less. stupid 6cm-long-lizard. almost ended up on my foot. lol. in that hour of need and desperation, i could only call unto Him. (suddenly become so holy. haha). even sang 'In Christ Alone'. =X LOLX. finally..... it went away and hidden near the sink. phew. so close. walked in the valley of the shadows of death but He led him through it. *exaggerating* haha. praise God, He saved me. my superhero. =)

rock climbing on penang hill??

help... taken captive on top of the hill.... lol

had been reading a lot this week since everyone so busy and nobody wanna go out with me. =( lol.

first book: RED by Ted Dekker

my favourite christian author pens this interesting fiction that speaks about a man who is stucked between two worlds, both plagued with evil, where he discovered Elyon (God) and has to battle an evil beyond the scope of his imagination.

points: 6.5/10

btw, anyone seen this book anywhere? i have been searching a long time for it. this is the third book of the triology. do inform me if you come across it. thx =)

second book: PS i Love You by Cecilia Ahern

a romance novel which was first recommended to me by jie and my cousin sis in beijing. this touching story is based on a widow who had to move on with her life after her soul mate's death. however, her dead husband was revived through her memories of their beautiful and not-so-beautiful times together. her husband captivated the whole story by guiding her through her life of few ups and many downs after his demise --- by writing letters just before his death. it was his promise to her when he was alive, that he will always be by her side and guide her through everything. however, the down side of this novel is the use of foul language in the novel. lol.

points: 6/10

interesting facts: Cecelia Ahern is the second daughter of current Irish Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern. Her older sister, Georgina Ahern is married to Nicky Byrne of Irish popgroup Westlife.

third book: THR3E

this is a truly amazing, adrenaline-booster (XD) thriller, with many twists and turns in the story enough to make your mind whirl. everything is not what it seems, even to last few pages of the book.

through this story, i learnt that evil is evil, gossiping is no different than murdering, although in the real world, gossip doesn't even feel evil. but in God's eyes, any kind of evil------ is well, EVIL.

"what falls but doesn't break? what breaks but doesn't fall?" this book is all about solving riddles as such. the answer? night and day. clever.

points: 8.5/10 ---> read it.

was supposed to blog about this AGES ago, but who cares. *procrastination is the thief of time* (many ppl noe this, but few practice it. i'm the best example. =P)

on the last night of camp, we had the priviledge to enjoy bbq-ed fish, prawn, _______________________ (fill in the blanks urself, i forgot d. so freaking long ago lol) and last but not least, scrumptious, glorious CRABS. ( i was exaggerating actually. lol. the crabs not much meat and the meat quite nua-nua. LOLX. think that's what made many campers suffering on the toilet seat. hmmm... )

anyway, here's some pics to show how some of us are passionate about our crabs:

kissing crabs

aaron's show of affection

victor's turn

wei kwong with his darling

kon way too

cat loves crabs too

they forced me in the end ><..

look at my plate.. whoa... serious gluttony @@

i really wish i can go to every outing and camp our youth is gonna organise.... *emo* T.T

today, or more accurately yesterday was my bro's birthday. my pig bro. not that cute nicholas. haha. is aaron. =)


he and his 'wife'

both also act cute. haha

teruknyer, bought cake for him but didn't come IGNITE. in the end, i have to eat the whole piece. zzzz. *pretending to grumble* (whispers: it tastes really nice actually. chocolate cake. hehe)

oh yea, before i forget, someone forced me to blog about a weird occurence. lol. so lazy to blog himself somemore force ppl. =.=

we went gurney to get present for my bro and we parked in front of gurney park, which is actually illegal.... ><>

normally, the first post is the hardest. haiz. don't know what to type here. but hey, there's always a first for everything. =)

btw, i'm not one who will write things like "this is my second blog... and I am aunty" that kinda stuff. sounds familiar??? XDXD

just wanna say that i'm grateful for a few ppl for helping me create this new blog, such as mel and aaron. (dun ask for ice creams ><)

quite pleased with it. eheh. this way, my friends will be able to catch up with me even when i'm not in Penang. ( for those of you who didn't know, I most probably am going to KL for my future education. *sigh* gonna miss penang sooooo much)