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What is Michelle like? I shall allow u to peep into her (life) a bit.

The other day, she went to Queensbay with her sister who wanted to go to the maxis centre for some reasons but didn't know where it was. Michelle wanted to go popular for other reasons too. So they both went to popular first. When Michelle was waiting to pay for stuff at the cashier, she asked her sister to go to the big directory in front of dave's deli to check where the maxis centre was. Her sister went out obediently and came back in less than 2 minutes to say that the place was just next to popular. *ahem*

Soooooo, together they went to maxis. Michelle wanted to change her basic prepaid plan to youth club plan. She told the girl at the counter that she tried for almost 5 times but simply couldn't change her plan. She confirmed with the girl that she has more than 15 dollars credit as changing of prepaid plan requires a charge of 8 dollars. The girl asked for her full name, IC number, phone number and various details. Then, Michelle gave the girl the phone to help her with the process. The girl, after fidgeting with her phone for few minutes, looked up at her intently, then showed her the phone screen which stated, "Hotlink Youth Club. Balance: RM24.70"... She was also smiling very sweetly

*embarassing* lol