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been coughing for more than 2 weeks already. (but thank God no flu XP)
i'm safe, don't need to keep a distance away from me.
been trying many different kinds of medicine, from chinese to western, almost 6 different medicines? =__=

yayy i had the chance to try a cough syrup that is kiwi in flavour! very sweet!
me likey 875456789876678685566789867 times more than the yucky, ewwy, horrible, despicable normal brown coloured cough syrup! (though i had to finish one bottle, me feeling pukey even thinking about it ><)

family came over for 5 days. they gave me a lot of motivation, made me very happy, and can eat a lot GOOD EXPENSIVE FOOD =P
a lot of motivtion lah i tell you.. except the motivation to study TT
cousin working now, nobody to teman me study at home *sob* *self-pity*
scared of studying alone lah, something disturbing happened yesterday even when i was with my sis. *ughhhhhhh* feel like vomitting again.

yayy family made cheese tarts yesterday after a good homecooked bak kut teh. =)
then me and cousin been making cheese cakes, we have already made strawberry and oreo ones.
successful! can teach my mum d next time. lol.

me need to concentrate on studies now. NEED TO! MUST!
kinda regret for not preparing earlier. and now can't really find the mood to study. *pfttt*
study mooodddd.... come backkk!! i miss youu too long already! :(

(red font for more sense of urgency)