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Few days ago, i just found out from my friends how scary i was before they get to know me. =.=

they say i proud wor. say i look scary, serious and fierce. too cool. too quiet. LOL WTHE.

ehhh... actually i am definitely not proud loh!(you can ask my friends) haih so misunderstood =(.

actually, i'm very shy and don't really dare to talk to strangers, much less approach someone to get to know the person >< ishhh ="">

how i wish i can get plastic surgery. make myself look less scary, less quiet and EVERYTHING! lol wthe. maybe should just carve a smile on my face to look friendly like joker's. hahhaa.

*shudders* ><

anyway the plastic surgery stuff was all just a joke lah. not even considering it! so painful!


oh yeah! i saw REAL SNOW FLAKES!!! two days ago in monash KL! hahha. for those who didn't trust me and look, rugilah you all coz no need buy so expensive air ticket to US also can see snow flakes hehhee. sam tong or not?! =P


NOOO! Dr Chua said that's hail! but hail should be stone-like. we saw something falling nad went to see. they appeared as bubbles/foams lo! sighhh..

p.s. I did ask ur cousin to go and see too hehe (kepoh mah!)

malaysia also can see snow flakes ar? gone liao la this world. bye bye...

how come kl got snow flakes? kl is also part of malaysia wor~~ is it a "real" one? means fake~~ where n how come there's a snow flake in such a hot weather lol.dont bluff me wor jie jie

--> CC

sure meh. hail so thin and flaky meh? i don't think so =P lecturers sometimes also wrong one ok hehehe. jkjk

--> Melvin

yealah. end of the world approaching d. be prepared. go buy winter clothing.

--> winnie

if fake one i won't post it here d lah. and i did emphasized on the REAL SNOW FLAKES. btw u older than me ler, jie jie. =P

hanaaaaaa hahaha tak trust u and tak dpt see flakes haha and and nvm i saw real snow deee! =D haha kerana u mou la la one sms: outside snowing LOL. ur LOL made me thought it was fake cause i thoguht u were just talking nonsense cause that time was raining hahaha cis i tak dpt tengok dee!!! haha =p
and andddd aiya tak payah plastic surgery larrr u tak fierceeeeee ok =p sesiapa who said u fierce quiet blah blah blah ask them come see me k! make appointment with me and ask me ur manager =p hahaahaha
ok i belum mandiiiiiiiiiii buhbyeee

--> tyee

LOL do i talk nonsense wan meh? ISHH.. i very cheng keing de =P

hehe thanks for defending me! XD
yayyy... (but actually i tot u say last time scared of me mia =.=) hahaha.

as far as i concern, i never know ur proud.. =.=

and who la said those thing to u.. i mean the sentence the made totally not referring to u.. haha

i think they should bang wall la. they dunno who u really are...

XD thanksss! they do now, i guess =)