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Few days ago, i just found out from my friends how scary i was before they get to know me. =.=

they say i proud wor. say i look scary, serious and fierce. too cool. too quiet. LOL WTHE.

ehhh... actually i am definitely not proud loh!(you can ask my friends) haih so misunderstood =(.

actually, i'm very shy and don't really dare to talk to strangers, much less approach someone to get to know the person >< ishhh ="">

how i wish i can get plastic surgery. make myself look less scary, less quiet and EVERYTHING! lol wthe. maybe should just carve a smile on my face to look friendly like joker's. hahhaa.

*shudders* ><

anyway the plastic surgery stuff was all just a joke lah. not even considering it! so painful!


oh yeah! i saw REAL SNOW FLAKES!!! two days ago in monash KL! hahha. for those who didn't trust me and look, rugilah you all coz no need buy so expensive air ticket to US also can see snow flakes hehhee. sam tong or not?! =P

Sorry for the late post. I must say that I'm very blessed with generous people around me. THANKS!!! <3 you all =)

my first FIRST CLASS international mail from siao po =)

my multipurpose card (4 greetings : Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year) haha.

yay. sea coral fan! ;)

Meet Mitch, my favourite snowman all the way from US, also from siao po.

He went to San Francisco but couldn't get me the 'I Love SF' shirt, but it's okay. I wanna go get it with them next time.
hint: SF are my initials.

hmm... ;D

Ahhh.. my first feminine purse (LOL) from siao po again.

I like the price tag. XOXO.

Merci chocolates all the way from Brunei, which is finishing fast (cousin kept sneaking them away from the fridge TT) Thanks CC! and eclipse chewing gums (in my favourite spearmint flavour)

A cute mug from Kelly. DO take care in Australia yeahh. =D Thanks for giving me your mm seh tak mug ><

Belated birthday present from dear Tze Hui.

Another belated birthday present (my new baby!) from Shanq Yeet and Shin Yih. cost them a fortune TT.

*sigh* what did I do to deserve them?